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Why High Net Worth Clients Choose Granata & Associates for their Personal and Business Financial Needs

The most important reason high net worth individuals and businesses make the decision to choose Granata & Associates to develop and implement a financial program is clear.  It's because they have the confidence, trust, and belief in our integrity and ability to deliver a program that can help them to achieve their financial goals.

Perhaps they've been referred by a friend or an associate who has worked with our team. Or perhaps they've been motivated by our web site or brochures.

In summary, here are the essential reasons you should choose Granata & Associates as your Advisor:

Because your personal Granata & Associates Advisor is among the most qualified persons in our industry.

Granata & Associates are highly credentialed financial professionals with successful experience in developing financial programs that can help high net worth clients achieve their personal and financial goals.

Because You are Qualified

You're successful and you have accumulated significant wealth.

Because You Care

You care deeply about growing and protecting your assets, prerserving your estate and sustaining your business in the event of death, illness or disability. You want to be sure that your heirs and beneficiaries, and the charities that you may care about, will benefit from your life's work.

Because We Care

Granata & Associates brings a team of specialists to the table to make sure we understand your needs, goals and dreams. We take a diligent and comprehensive approach analyzing the complexities and opportunities of your unique financial circumstances. 

Because We have a Proven, Trusted, Independent Approach.

For over 19 years, we've helped high net worth clients achieve what they desire in terms of their life and financial goals. Our approach is designed for clients who face complex financial challengers requiring sophisticated planning strategies.

They are confident in Granata & Associates and its affiliates because the advice they receive is objective.

Because Your Success is Our Success.

With our caring comprehensive approach,  Granata & Associates can offer you a sound opportunity to help achieve your financial goals.

Our clients have substantial incomes and/or high net worth personal estates or business assets, they are often faced with complex financial challenges that require thoughtful and sophisiticated solutions.

Our clients care deeply about maximizing the value of their estate, and succession of the businesses in the event of death, illness or disability. They want to make sure that their heirs and beneficiaries, and in many cases that the charities they care about get the benefit of their life's work. They care that their lives have meaning.

Granata & Associates clients include:

  • Senior Executives
  • Financial Services Professionals
  • Retirees
  • Successful Business Owners and their Businesses
  • Professionals - Doctors, Lawyers, CPAs, etc...
  • Prominent Sports Figures
  • Families that has a child with Special Needs

We specialize in serving the specific markets listed above. We have years of experience in addressing and working to solve the unique financial challenges faced by successful people in these markets.

In many cases our clietnts have been referred to Granata & Associates by a friend or an associate with whom we've worked previously. These valued referrals flow to us because of the personal confidence and trust our clients have developed in us, and the results we have achieved for them.